How much do eCards cost?


This will entirely depend on the option you choose. There can be a range of prices for eCards, and we’re the same at eCard Shack.

Our prices vary based on the number of recipients you want to send your eCards to, along with any additional touches you want to make.

Our create your own eCards are sent in easy to understand amounts suitable for small or large business needs. An optional extra of signatures is also available.

It is a one time payment and you may purchase more if you feel the need to do so.


Go to our Price Page for more information on all our service costs.


Our Premium eCards have two price points to reflect the complexity of the design process, we have many in our range to dazzle and impress.

The Bespoke option is truly unique and as such will have to be discussed. Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to go through your options and ideas and give you a quote.

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