How Smartphones Have Revolutionised Business


Communication lies at the heart of business. That might be an obvious thing to say but over the last few years we have seen a technological revolution that has forged greater and easier contact between businesses and customers and it is largely down to that pocket computer in your pocket.  It’s for these reasons that we have built our eCards to be perfectly functional on mobile devices.

The not so humble smartphone and it’s slightly bigger buddy the tablet.

Not only are consumers using them to shop and communicate on the move, businesses are using smartphones to network and build sustainable relationships , with access carried around in a pocket and available almost anywhere. We are increasingly doing business while on the move. We can send any data to the cloud and access documents away from home and we can post video and images taken just a few moments before or send ecards to friends, family or colleagues.

Think back ten or fifteen years and you’ll realise how the world has suddenly changed. Of course we had texting and a reasonable mobile signal, but it is nothing compared to the connectivity we enjoy today. It has also made growing a business easier, and affordable, to anyone who wants to create a start-up and head out on their own. Over the years we have been creating corporate Christmas ecards, we’ve seen these changes impact on the business landscape in ways most of us could never have imagined.

We’ve finally arrived at a time when we have powerful technology in miniature. And it’s with us 24/7.

According to YFS Magazine: “No longer just a large, brick-shaped paperweight, mobile phones now have the potential to augment nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Mobile innovations are leading us to new levels of connectivity, productivity, and discovery.” http://yfsmagazine.com/2014/02/13/6-ways-smartphones-have-changed-business-forever/

One of the main catalysts for this change has been the growth in popularity of social media. It allows businesses to stay in contact with each other and their consumers in the blink of an eye. You can build up multiple relationships and spread the word of your brand and service to a whole new audience. Without the smartphone or tablet, however, that popularity wouldn’t be nearly as great.

Not only is there now LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Twitter but a wide range of business apps that allow us to make contact and stay in contact. When we first began producing Christmas ecards for business they were designed to be opened on a pc by email. Now they can be produced on a wider range of devices, they are smartphone and tablet compatible, meaning that your customer or business contact can open them while on the train or at home, even on holiday.

It’s an infinitely more sustainable way to do business because you’re not printing out hard copies and sending them through the post, and you also have the capacity to reach a wider range of people by developing networks and followers.

The greatest innovation in the last forty or so years may be the internet, but smartphones have recently super-powered businesses and sent them to a whole new level.

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