Business Sale

You have decided to sell your business.

There are many reasons why you would decide to sell up a concern you have spent years building up. 

Perhaps you have decided to reap the benefits of your hard work and take a well-earned early retirement. 

Alternatively, you may have decided you have taken the company as far as you can and are looking for a new challenge.

Whatever the reason is for selling your business, you may want to keep the decision to sell a secret for the time being.

For this reason, we have produced our “Business Sale” ecards.

These simple but well-designed electronic cards has a picture of the word “Sale” on four individual labels hanging from a line.

There is space for a quick message on this page and plenty of room on the reverse page to expand your message.

You will be able to send these “Business Sale” cards privately to the people you think will be interested in buying your business.

However, before you sell your company life will still go on and the business of sending out messages of encouragement, appreciation and good will must continue.

The peak times for sending cards to your business community is the various holiday times that crop up during the year, and probably the busiest time for this activity is Christmas.

The task of organising a large Christmas mailing can take up valuable time, so that is why we would like to work with you and take all the pressure off you and your staff.

Our electronic Christmas cards for business are just part of our range of holiday ecards for business.

By letting us help you select a design you feel will suit your company’s image and giving you all the help you need, all of your electronic greetings cards will be sent by e-mail.

A very simple and easy way to send your Christmas greetings.